About Leo Gallucci

What I’m currently interested in:

QA with Automation

Continuous integration using TravisCI, Jenkins, BrowserStack, SauceLabs.
Frameworks and tools: Protractor, Cucumber, RSpec, Capybara, JMeter, Selenium
Methodologies: e2e, Agile QA, Automation, Functional Black-box testing.
Manual testing is a great opportunity to be creative. I do this.
Writing highly technical test results are the ones geeks value more.

Open Source

Have been more active in the open source community trying to give back as much as I can.
Some contributions in Protractor, Jasmine, Thor, Kramdown, J50Npi, SauceLabs, Rails docs, RSpec docs, Rake docs.

Web & Apps Development / Design

Programming languages: JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, HTML5, CSS.
Frameworks and tools: NodeJS, Rails, Git, REST, JSON, BDD, jQuery.
Areas of expertise: Back-end, Front-end, Web Apps, Desktop Apps, Wireframing.
Refactoring fun.

SysAdmin, DevOps and Configuration Management

Virtualization technologies like VMWare and VirtualBox are of my favorites.
Cloud Infrastructure: AWS, Docker.io.
Operating systems polyglot: *nix(Ubuntu Linux), Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows.


Self managed. Ownership: I’ve got it, you don’t need to think about it.
Initiative: Getting things done. Problem solving: Nothing can’t be solved.
Honesty, humility, thoughtfulness, kindness, appreciation, happiness.
Team work: We before I.

Blog (http://elgalu.github.io) and tweet @elgalu about the things I’m working on or interested in.